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Top 10 Hottest Asian Women Asses

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Ten Sexy and Famous Asian Women

1.) Olivia Munn - This sexy actress is half Asian and she's appeared in plenty of movies. She's also been on TV, on a show that caters to video gamers, and appeared in plenty of sexy photo shoots. She likes to date actors and pro athletes and she's such a gorgeous women. She's petite, dark-haired and delicate, with striking features that are really feminine. If you want to see pics of Olivia, and this is well worth doing, you should definitely check her out via a Google search today as she has some pics of Asian sex.

2.) Han Nui Lee - Most people call this gorgeous woman Honey Lee. She hails from South Korea and she's a celebrity in many parts of Asia. She models, won a beauty pageant and also plays the gayageum musical instrument. She's brainy, too, and earned a degree from Seoul National University.

3.) Mehwish Hayat - This sexy brunette actress fails from Pakistan and she appears in television shows and films that are shown in that country. You'll find that she's a Pakistani actress who has tons of natural beauty. These gorgeous Asian women in a Capricorn and she's got stunning bone structure and a great figure.

4.) Deepika Padukone - This actress has a famous Dad, Prakash Padukone. He's known for his badminton skills. Known for her amazing beauty, Deepike was born in Denmark, but she's of Indian extraction. She rose to fame in the film, Om Shanti Om, and one of the reasons she's so attractive to men are her adorable dimples. She also has lovely, long legs.

5.) Aishwarya Rai - This famous beauty has gorgeous green eyes and she's a sexy Scorpio. She's also one of the most well-known Indian actresses in the world. She's appeared in thirty-six films and she's also moved beyond Bollywood by appearing in The Pink Panther 2.

6.) Du Juan - This model is from China and she's a classically trained ballet dancer. She's become very famous as she has plenty of personality, in addition to her striking face and willowy figure. You'll spot Du Juan in ads for Roberto Cavalli, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton.

7.) Marian Rivera - This actress is Filipino and she's appeared in a range of theatrical releases, including Marimar, Amaya and Dyesebel. She's also a popular face on magazine covers all over the world and has worked in television. During 2008, she received an award from FHM for being the sexiest female!

8.) Hye Kyo Song - You may recognize this pretty Asian actress due to her roles in All In, Full House and The Wind Blows. Her features are so feminine and pleasing and she comes from South Korea. She was a frail and ill baby, but she thrived despite doctor's warnings. Today, she's all grown up and her beauty and talent have propelled her to stardom.

9.) Katrina Kaif - Katrina is a Bollywood sensation. She hails from Hong Kong and she became an in-demand actress after her starring role in "Boom". She's also appeared in "Namaste London" and "Sarkar". Since she dances so well, she's definitely a woman of many talents and a graceful, beautiful women to watch.

10.) Zhang Zilin - This Asian babe was born in Hebei and studied in Beijing. During 2003, she placed in the top ten in the New Silk Road Modeling Agency contest. It's believed that she would have placed much higher had she had more experience with modeling. She rose to fame after being crowned as Miss World during 2007.

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